Ivó Jordà was born in 1986, in Figueres where he began studying music at age of 6, in school "La Flauta Màgica". With 8 years, he joins gralla preliminary courses of Traditional Music School that the Catalan Government has in the Alt Empordà. With 9 years, he starts playing with "Grallers de Figueres".

He joins into the Traditional Music School when it settled permanently in Figueres. He studies theoretical and instrument subjects and he gets the title of "traditional instrumentalist" in June 2001, at the age of 14. In June 2006, he finishes the studies of School with the title of "master instrumentalist traditional", with 19 years.

He plays the gralla, the tarota and the xirimia (traditional instruments). He joins on the "Grallers de Figueres", of "Ministrers de Figueres" and the medieval music group "Beata Escarola". He also played piano and gralla concerts with Nil Jordà, which an album was recorded in 2003. Nowadays, he performs with "Els Groullers", “La Cobleta de la Copeta, "Grallers Els Quatrevents", "Metralla", "Tres Tons Quartet", the cobla de tres quartans “Quarts de Tres” and "Anem de Festes".

Ivó makes the arrangements of themes composed by his groups and he composes some new tracks like "Ball dels Gegants of Lladó", released in 2003, or the "Ball d'en Banyut" (Celrà), released in 2012. In 2002, he won the competition about composition of sardanas of the "Escola de Cobla Santa Maria" and the colla sardanista "Sa Palomera" of Blanes, with the Sardana "Agost Plujós" (August Rained). It was 18 years category.

Currently, he combines his work as a musician and theory and gralla music teacher in different schools in Catalonia, with his studies at the School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC - Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya), the most well known).

He has performed with the different groups around the "Catalan Countries” (Catalunya, València, Balears and the Roselló), and in Spain, Andorra, France, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Scotland…

He listens to it on the page of audios or in that of videos

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Video Of the interview that Paton Soler did to Ivó Jordà for the program Músics d'aquí of Penedès TV, with a review to his biografia professional. It includes the " Ball of l'Àliga of the Patum" and "Sauce Romescu", of Albert Galcerà.