Anem de Festes!

The project "Anem de Festes!" born with the desire to bring the musical traditions of the Catalan territory to children and/ or youth in a fun and closed way. To make this happen, we enter the life of a young man called Paul, who wants to learn about the most relevant festivals and legends, dances, and music from his country that are play all along the area. Thus, we could know the Patum of Berga, the falles d’Isil, the gypsy dances of Granollers, the jota of the Ebro, the tonades of ximbomba from Mallorca, the castells (human towers), among others. The show is very active and dynamic, so that viewers know both the music and the instruments that present the history of enjoyable and entertaining.

"Anem de Festes!" is formed by five students from the High School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC) in the interpretation of traditional music and musicology. The mixture of these two disciplines allows us not only to focus on the musical aspects, but also know the history and social background of this important part of Catalan culture. The experience of group’s members in the world of leisure and entertainment give advantage to the achievement of the main purpose of the project in a better way.

We are: Pol Aumedes (diatonic accordion, tarota, gralla and voice), Anna Crespo (violin and voice), Ivó Jordà (gralla and voice), Gina Quatrecases (clarinet, simbomba and voice), Marçal Ramon (diatonic accordion, guitarró and voice).

We hope you like our proposal!

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