Concert for gralla and piano

The concert interpret by the brothers Ivó and Nil Jordà, graller and pianist respectively, it is a concert of chamber music with traditional origin music for gralla and piano.

The gralla is a popular instrument of our country that offers interpretive possibilities and it elevates itself to the status of concert instrument, getting it prominent popular. This fact has made some composers to write for gralla and piano pieces concert.

This chamber music has its origins in 1996 and it is an initiative of Jordi Fàbregas, Marcel Casellas and Toni Oró - recognised composers and instrumentalists all three of them. When they started to write the three first pieces from the gralla and piano concert, they also break new ways to this music. All three songs were released in the Tradicionàrius from 96. The success of that first experience was so remarkable that it was joined by seven other composers, all of whom are very prominent in the world of traditional and folk music of our country and all ten songs were compiled in a book (Ten pieces for gralla and piano, Editions C.A.T.) which was presented in a concert in the Tradicionàrius from 98.

In these topics of concert, the gralla and piano blend very well and they take over for themselves, in any case none of both dominates the other. Both instruments are played in a soloist way, and the moments of brilliance are alternated with harmony and balance.

Chamber music, origin tradition, for gralla and piano: a new concept and a sound that pleasantly surprised, as we are used to identify the sound of the gralla with the party, the castellers (human towers) or the gegants. These ten pieces show that the gralla is an instrument of chamber as other, and it can interpret themes concert without other problems which entail impeccable tuning and refining.

It is easy to guess that this music is not interpreted very often because of two reasons: the difficulty of interpretation of the issues, especially for gralla, and the nearly lack of coexistence between the two instruments until now. Indeed, not until now it had largely left the circle of Traditional Music School where occasionally, teachers and students interpret some theme (if teachers do to show how far you can get with the gralla when work thoroughly, the advanced students are facing a sort of challenge to demonstrate the level of mastery of the instrument).

From the moment that the brothers Ivó and Nil Jordà performed this concert over Catalonia, it increased the interest in this combination of instruments, to the extent that some other players included it in their repertoire theme and other composers provided new parts.

Ivó and Nil have composed new pieces to be performed in this format, and they even incorporated some instrument such as the fiscorn, which accompanies them in the concerts.

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