Els Quatrevents

The group of grallers Els Quatrevents were born in May 2007, in the casal (association place) district of Sant Antoni (Barcelona). Almost all the components frequent the casal and we decided to make a band formed by five young people from different parts of the Catalan country, from the flatland of Lleida through Reus to Figueres and Barcelona.

In our short history, we have twice won the first prize of the competition "Tu Tries" from the town of Palamós and first prize in the "Concurs Popular de Gralla" in the city of Lleida.

We usually go with the gegants (giants) of Sant Antoni’s neighbourhood of Barcelona, and the "ball de gitanes" from Gavà. We joined the Gegants and el Lleó (the lion) from Reus, the "Castellers (human towers) of Vilafranca", the Gegants from the City of Barcelona, the bastoners of Sant Pere de Ribes and Sant Cugat del Vallès (stick dancers), among many others.

We usually play the traditional gralla works, pieces of nineteenth-century work and new composition; and we are giving more relevant importance to play works for four voices.

The group is formed by: Ivó Jordà, Manu Sabaté, Adrià Pérez and Heura Gaya playing gralles, and Marc Vall with the timbal (kettledrum).

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699 011 640 (Ivó) / 654 018 747 (Manu)