Els Groullers

The Groullers are based on the world street music and theatre animation with over a decade of experience on stage. We have been drawn our own repertoire through the tradition and recently, we compose new songs. Our training is what we call "Tres quartans amb folre” a band or small orchestra, based on the ancient couplet of three quartans (composed by sac de gemecs-bagpipes-, the tarota, the flabiol and tamborí) and it expands with rhythmic aspects with drums and percussion, and the harmonious aspects with the diatonic accordion and bass. Besides the three quartans, it also plays an important rule the gralla and the voice.

The Groullers work with the music from Catalan origin following what was the movement of the "riproposta" in Italy, which is also known as "trad" in France and Occitania, and in the Spanish Peninsula and Anglo-Saxon countries was known as “folk”. Our repertoire includes traditional themes from the Catalan countries, reworked with current language (as can be work out by the type of training), or simply themes of own creation drawn from the traditional rhythms and sounds.

Our models were groups like "Clau de Lluna" (Catalonia), the "Musgaña" (Castile) "Oskorri" (Basque Country), "Blowzabella" (Great Britain) among others.

The group is made up by: Miquel Beltran: drums, percussion and voice. Montse Casanova: diatonic accordion, guitar and voice. Jordi Galobart: flabiol and tamborí, Turkish clarinet, and guitarró. Ivó Jordà: gralla and tarota. Ramon Riera: sac de gemecs –bagpipes-, clarinet and voice. Agustí Riu: percussion.

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