As its name suggests -making a word game- Metralla is a formation of gralles and brass, without forgetting to mention the essential rhythmic support that always accompanies them. Specifically, we find that the formation consists of: a tuba, two trombones, a trumpet, four gralles in B flat, a soundbox and a kettledrum.

Metralla was born in Reus, designed by the Reus musician called Daniel Carbonell in September 2005 with a very specific function: to accompany the new lion created the same year, and since then it joined the procession festive of the city, and the purpose of the festivity of Mercy. The band plays traditional and modern music, whether in the form of parades, dance or concert. The repertoire includes diverse topics that range from the traditional pieces of the repertoire of gralla, to broken rhythms of Eastern European countries, through the nineteenth century repertoire of orquestrina to Latin salsa.

During the golden age of the gralla (1870-1920), there were groups of gralles with a high technical level, leading to an evolution in the construction and function of these instruments. It was a relevant time in the history of the gralla, but a few years later, the new music trends took a sharp decline in the world of gralles. Some of the leading groups of the time incorporated brass instruments (such as fiscorn) in their groups of gralla, in order to approach to the repertoire and formation that predominated at that time (the orquestrines, jazz, ...) Metralla intends to make a small recovery of these groups emerged in the late nineteenth century, with an eye to current and emulating those musicians: perform the most current music with arrangements written for his training.

In its short history, Metralla has performed accompanying the Lion from Reus in its various outputs. It also accompanied festive elements of several places in Catalonia (as Tarragona or Martorell). It has participated in traditional music festivals such as Tradicionàrius or Aires de Dulzaina (San Esteban de Gormaz); and also making multiple concerts-dances in locations such as Lleida, Villafranca del Penedes, Barcelona, Tarragona, and of course, Reus.

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