Quarts de Tres

Quarts de Tres is a "cobla of 3 quartans" the old cobla (traditional music group), that is a sac de gemecs (bagpipe), a flabiol and tamborí  and a tarota. This training was common during much time in our country because they are instruments that combine with each other and they are very suitable for dancing. About 40 years ago, they have been recovered and they are again quite common to find them by dancing, concerts or parades.

Quarts de Tres has specialized in traditional subjects, especially folk dances, which are those that have played for centuries in our region for festive celebrations and dancing festivals. Its repertoire is based on those popular songs that were passed from parents to children, often by oral tradition, and they have reached our days, especially issues from the Empordà. They also have some issues of new composition following the line and traditional style. In traditional dances, they take the "mestra de ball” (dancing master) expert who teaches audiences how to dance these issues and make them participate.

The group members have extensive experience in traditional music, they have been in other bands, such as Ministrers from Figueres, where there were the three of them, doing dance, parades and concerts. They have played all around Catalonia (North and Principat), in festivals, parades, dances ... as the Plaça del Rei, Sant Jaume's Square or the Cathedral of Barcelona, or the Rambla of Girona. They usually accompany live performances of traditional dance workshop from Roses, they are his usual musicians.

The group consists of: Manuel Pedreira: flabiol and tamborí, Ivó Jordà: tarota and Jordi Jordà: sac de gemecs (bagpipes).

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